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Natural Perfection Bruklin

Имя: Natural Perfection Bruklin
Дата рождения: 31.12.2005

Our favourite striped-coloured coony with the sweetest temper and severe look. Bruklin is our first coon taken from Russian cattery Natural Perfection. When he came to our home my knowledge of the breed was far from deep, basing on Internet pages and pet-shop stories. I've never seen them alive before myself. I was moved by only one simple intent - I WANT MAINE COON! VERY MUCH! JUST NOW! Pedigrees, shows, blood-lines were very distant and strange ideas having nothing in common, it seemed to me, with my precious kitty. And if anybody told me then that in 2 years I'd register my own cattery I would laugh very long, just to tears! Earlier, I never dealt with pedigreed animals, and Bruklin was utter revelation to me. He matched perfectly everything that was said about coons - my stripped happiness - sweet sociable temper, delicate sole, wild look of glowing yellow in darkness eyes, solid complexion, luxurious coat, tufts on ear-tips and funny habits of digging water and sleeping in strange postures. Just with Bruklin started my great passion for coons!

Now Bruklin is neutered and enjoys quiet settled life of beloved darling.