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Our offspring OldyGoody Morning Star living in Magic Soul cattery(St. Petersburg) won Grand Interchampion title by FIFe and got her first CACS. Sincere congratulations to the winner!
Mother and kittens are doing pretty well. More detailed information will come when the babies are a little bit older.
The article is published in Russian specialized magazine "Koshki-Info" No. 2, 2012 and is authored by Olga Musina (SalexCoon MCO cattery) and Polina Shevtsova (OldyGoody MCO cattery).
Our young offspring OldyGoody Morning Star living in cattery Magic Soul (St. Petersburg) took part in international FIFe cat-show and was very successful: both days she got Ех1 and САС, and the first day she was nominated for BIS!
For the first time a standard-footed kitten joined polydactyl family of OldyGoody cattery - from friendly Moscow MCO cattery Russiancoon*RU arrived charming red bicolor male Ognedar.