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Peppermountz Mamba
Дата рождения: 06.03.2008
Mamba arrived at our's from German cattery Peppermountz located in small town Melsungen (near Kassel) among woody hills, broad fields and fast river surrounded by old willows. You could hardly imagine more cosy and suitable corner for breeding maine coons!
Dirigo Cleopatra of OldyGoody
Дата рождения: 24.07.2009

Cleopatra arrived at Russia from historical motherland of maine coon breed - from American state Maine. A good deal of foundation blood runs in her veins.

Pantahduc's Shasta P of Bojin
Дата рождения: 18.11.2007
Shasta arrived at ours' as an adult cat - nearly three years old - from friendly cattery of Maine Coons and Devon Rexes Pantahduc (the Netherlands) where she managed to give birth to a litter of wonderful big kittens.
OldyGoody Night Bird
Дата рождения: 06.11.2010
Bird was born in our cattery. This is one more kitten of the cattery prime queen Mamba who was left for future breeding work.
OldyGoody Mona Lisa
Дата рождения: 14.02.2012
Lisa was born in our cattery as a result of unique mating of two heterozygous polys and represents a combination of old European bloods with foundation lines coming from Maine, USA.