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Tom-cat Fofan

Имя: Tom-cat Fofan
Дата рождения: 01.11.2004

Fofan is a cat-patriarchy of our family. He is the first, the main and the most be-loved. He is responsible for maine coons bringing up and for keeping order in the pride. His authority is indisputable! Fofan is the first to explain to the youngsters the existing order of things in the house and to implement corrective measures if necessary. He is also the first to examine all new strange objects - whether they are dangerous to the cats? He always let the youngers have titbits and watch that everybody has food and water. If some of the above is missing he warns us about it with sorrowful "Maaaaau!" looking questioningly into our eyes. Fofan is an excellent mice-catcher and terror of shrews in countryside. He is fond of having guests and patient with children. He knows very well his people, and warns us about approaching intruders with mean growling. Fofan always guards his pride including human-beings. He can walk without lace beside as a little dog. He never runs away, comes at first call and continuously plies between us knowing location of each family member. Sometimes in a playful mood he is ready to "bring stick". He shares his prey (mainly, mice) with people and other cats of the family who were not very successful in hunting. Fofan isn't afraid of loud and sharp sounds - he grew up in conditions of ongoing house construction in countryside, so he can sleep peacefully near roaring band-saw or circular-saw. In short, Fofan is a real hunting-guarding doggy! He never wakes us up in the morning always waiting for alarm-clock to ring or our sleepy voices to break up in lazy week-end morning. Then he races to bed and greets us with happy purring. Sometimes it seems to us he just about to speak!