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Aquarium fish

Имя: Aquarium fish
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From very early childhood I remember having an aquarium - fascinating underwater world worth watching for hours. I can say for sure that fish sees excellently through the glass and recognize people and other inhabitants of the house. Moreover, they have complicated relations not only between each other, but also with other animals and humans. In particular, these observations concern hurami, whom I'm very fond of and keep in aquarium for over 20 years. Except for a couple of spawning blue hurami in our 140-litres aquarium there live three marbled scalares, two red neon lalias, ten red-nosed tetras and two carachamas. These fish species do very nice with each other. The main point is to feed scalares well since despite their kind nature and intelligence they are cichlids and not the tiny ones :). When I pass by the aquarium the fish in tight pack follows me along the glass-wall: may be, I want to drop some food? They take food directly from my hands and with frienldy curiocity watch my moves when I tender decorations or plants inside.

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